Eight Years in the Making..

When I started this little hobby of mine I started it in my home. I moved furniture to set up a studio and went from one area in my living to the other. My family has helped me tear down and set up countless times. This included going up and down stairs to bring down equipment and props. We made no less then five trips. It was a process and even though it was hard work they have never really complained. I love this family. They are good.

My husband… At the beginning I could look at that man and see the fear, concern, and dread of my failure right behind his kind sweet eyes.. He never said don’t do it.. He never said anything entirely negative. He also never said this is going to be amazing. He’s just not that guy. He’s a practical guy. He likes consistency in pay and likes knowing what is coming. He doesn’t like surprises and he doesn’t like the unkown or change. He braved it out with me though and halfway through last year he started planning my very own space. He said it was time I had my own room. I think my heart exploded..

After all the twists and turns I’ve had.. Sometimes working as many as three jobs at a time I am finally here doing this full time and can now say I have a studio. Today I just sat in there to convince myself this wasn’t a dream. It’s real. It’s mine and it’s just what I always wanted. I will no longer have to have people step over back drops or squeeze into my hallway.. I will no longer have to press my body up against a wall to get the shot. I can move my light where I want and it’s perfect. I could not be more excited to finally share my studio with you. My space.. My new home.. (well.. it’s in my home but ya know what I’m talking about)

p.s. I painted this room.. What a fitting space for a newborn photographer too.. This room has been a space for not one but two of my children.. It was their nursery as babies . First it was red and yellow with Dragon Flies for Ella and then It was a tan and green for Jake that eventually became a fun room with hills and trucks (no I didn't pain the trucks. Just the hills and clouds..) Now it’s a space for all the babies..

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