When it rains it POURS!!

I’m not even talking about a hard rain either. I’m talking about a cat and dog kind of rain. The kind of storm that comes with twisters, weather warnings, and the threat of your roof flying off and your trampoline flying away with posters being plastered all over the neighborhood looking for said trampoline (no this didn’t happen to me but I know someone who it has happened to!) That’s what this first month of 2019 has felt like. It’s been insane!

To make this long story short, basically equipment is nice to have and technology is amazing. External hard drives have gone from big monstrous devices to tiny compact rectangles. You can even get them in color now! They are, however, not indestructible. They are, in fact, very fragile with tiny parts all working to together to spin the ever precious disk inside that contains all of your precious memories, works of art and basically your heart and soul. That disk contained pictures not just of my clients, it contained pictures of my children, my pets, my crabs even! One fall is all it took to bring that disk down. One fall I wasn’t even there to witness. It could have been the lethal wagging tail of my big dog Lucy… It could have been an excited 11 year old girl who was all packed up to go to a sleep over, or it could have been the bouncing high energy crazy 9 year old who is the sweetest most loving little boy but can’t keep his feet to himself. Either way it was found not where I left it. The next moments were kind of a blur.

It was plugged in and instead of the soft whirring of the disk, I instead hear a soft chirping. This I knew meant bad news. I prayed and tried again.. chirp… I used a different cord.. chirp… I used a different USB slot… c. h. I. r. p….. I took deep breaths and immediately called for help. I took it in for repairs that night.

3 weeks later… Not the news I wanted to hear. My files were gone. They were corrupted and gone. At the end of the day technology is only as good as it is made to be. It’s not perfect, and not always fixable.

The question I’ve gotten the most?? Don’t you back up your images?? Well yes and no.. I did.. I had been.. Then I got a new computer and just never transferred that info over. It took so long to load images onto this platform I was using and was slowing down an already super slow computer that when I got the new computer my goal was to catch up and not slow it down… BIG MISTAKE! That one decision cost me BIG TIME! Lesson Learned Back up God’s!! Lesson LEARNED!

Commence Stress Eating.. Literally cleaned out my pantry of anything sweet don’t get me started on that box of hot pockets! Once my soul was comforted by the contents of my cabinets and fridge The emails commenced. Refunds will be issued. Life will go on.

Guess what.. I now have TWO back up systems in place and will most likely have a third in place soon! We are not repeating this mistake EVER again!

Why do I share this and blog with you?? Because I am not perfect. I am a mom of three and a person who loves to make people smile. Pretending like I am perfect is just silly. None of us are perfect and sometimes we make mistakes. Some are HUGE (read above because this one was doozy!!) some are small but at the end of the day we all make them. What I learned (besides that I’m not invincible and neither is my external hard drive) is that My clients are AMAZING, FORGIVING, and A BLESSING to me!!!! I’m grateful for the grace I was shown by so many people. I am BEYOND grateful!

Thank you.. (insert heart emojis and all the happy face emojis!)

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