Soft Proofing Galleries…

In an attempt to better serve you and get your images back as quickly as possible, I will be doing something I have never done before!! You may be wondering what a soft proofing gallery is.. Well let me tell you all about it!

After your session I will upload your images and begin the process of selecting the absolute best images for editing. This process is called culling. I correct color and exposure if I need to during this process. From this initial set, I will cull them down one more time to get your soft proofing gallery. They are slightly edited but not fully edited images. I will pull a handful of images for your sneak peeks (everyone’s favorite part!) and post them that same day.

In the past, I’ve taken more time editing than I should because I just can’t say no to an image! To help with this and to speed up the time it takes you to get your images back, I will now send you that soft proofing gallery. Your gallery could contain 80 images or 150 images, but you will only get to choose your favorite 60. They will have my logo on them and they will not look exactly like your sneak peeks. This is why those sneak peeks will now be so important! The sneak peeks will give you an idea of what your final gallery will look like and will assist you in choosing which images you really want for your final gallery. Your soft proofing gallery will be delivered to you no later then the day after your initial session. Your sneak peeks will be included in your gallery and will not count as part of your 60.

If you can’t just choose just 60 images, we do have options for choosing more! Prices start at $25 per image, $99 for 10 images, or $250 for your entire soft proofing gallery (prices can be changed depending on the actual number of images in your gallery but will not exceed $250). Editing your final gallery will begin as soon as I receive your favorites list and will also depend on where your session falls in my line up. For more information on editing times, see my questions and answers page!