Questions and Answers…

I’m sure you have some questions.. Good news is I have some answers! Check this page regularly as it may be updated with new and exciting information!

  1. When should I book my newborn session?

    Answer is by your second trimester you should start looking around and have your photographer booked. Make sure you really check out their pages, websites and galleries. Make sure the person you choose has your best interest at heart, meets your style expectations and your taste, and is focused on your sweet baby’s safety.

  2. Do you provide all the props or do I need to purchase these for you to use?

    Believe it or not I get asked this a lot. I do provide all the props for your session and have a wide variety of cute little hats, wraps and more! If there is something from home you can just not live without being in your session or that you see and want to buy for your session then please bring it! Let me know ahead of time and I will do the best I can do to incorporate that into your session.

  3. Is there anything I need to bring for our session or anything I can do to prepare?

    Yes!! I always ask that if you are having a studio newborn session to bring at least 3 receiving blankets just in case baby has an accident on one. This does not happen often as we do loosely diaper baby during backdrop changes but just in case.. Babies can be little Houdinis when it comes to getting pee pee out of a diaper! I also ask that you bring a back up change of clothes for you and your spouse. There are times I pose you with baby in the buff and you know what the means! More opportunities for your little to let us know how they really feel! This set of clothing will be your back up clothing just in case we do have an accident. I also ask that you bring a pacifier (hospital one preferably) for those moments when we have baby almost in a perfect position but need a little help to soothe and calm down. I know that some parents request no pacifiers be used as to avoid nipple confusion and I absolutely completely respect that! I’ll do my absolute best not use the pacifier during your session in these cases. The last thing I request you bring with you is formula and bottles if you are not breastfeeding. You may want to have enough for two feedings and a small snack. Full newborn session can sometimes last up to 4 hours depending on your sweet baby. Two nights before try to keep your diet low key if you are nursing. Avoid acidic foods that can potentially give your baby gas. This will help baby during their session.

  4. What if I deliver early or later then my due date? Will this affect my session date on my paperwork?

    This is actually a very good question! It will affect your session date but not in a bad way! I always leave room in my schedule for your baby to come earlier or later then planned as babies work by their own set of rules! Newborn sessions are typically one within the first 14 days of baby’s arrival (unless we are doing a fresh 48). I love day 9-10 so I always put that date on your paperwork and base it off of your due date. This is absolutely not set in stone though! We can and probably will change it depend on when your newest addition makes their grand entrance into this world!

  5. What if I am being discharged the day after I deliver?

    No worries!! We can still do your fresh 48 session! We will change your time to 9am though as the nurses and staff will be working hard to get you home! I just ask that you make sure to let your nursing staff no that I will be coming.

  6. What if my baby has complications and is born early and has to go to NICU?

    Your baby’s health is so important! As a mother of a NICU grad (only 12 days but the longest 12 days of my life!) I truly understand the heart ache of this situation! IF you are scheduled for a Fresh 48 we will change the session over to an In home lifestyle session. IF you are scheduled for a newborn session we will schedule you for your session upon baby’s discharge and will plan accordingly for baby’s safety. It will not matter how old baby is upon discharge. We will keep your session and I will do my very best to get you the best images possible.

  7. What should we wear for a family session?

    There will be a page for this soon but until then I love neutrals or earthy tones the best! It’s best to not dress everyone exactly the same.. You want to stay away from heavy patterns too. I like choosing colors that compliment each other and then play those colors off of one another for everyone’s outfits. Be on the look out for a new page with some awesome examples!

  8. How long will it take to get my final gallery back?

    This is a very goo d question! Last year I set a time line of 3 t0 6 weeks business days. I’m hoping with our soft proofing galleries that these times decrease! I really try to reserve my weekends for my family so I really limit the amount of editing that is done on these days. Editing starts as soon as I receive your favorites list from your soft gallery selection and will be dependent on where you are in the line up of sessions on my table. I promise to get them to you in a timely manner!

If you think of another question to add please message me!