Renovations, Travel, Babies and more!

Woah!!! What a year this will be for my little business! Last year was a surprise back in business year and my first year doing Gunter Photography full time and man was I completely surprised and blessed! To say the least, it went better then I could have ever expected! We started out rough this year with a hard drive failure but we are bouncing back for sure!

Going into this year, we have some changes.. As much as I was hoping for a location separate from home for my studio that just isn’t in the cards. So, we are doing the next best thing. My in home studio space will open up here in the next week or two! We have rearranged kiddos into new rooms and have slowly been renovating space after space. We finally started my room and I could not be more thrilled!! There will even be a changing table to make things sooo much easier for my new mommies and daddies!

We will also have a few things for sale! I am often asked where I get my baby shusher from, and Lord knows I think I’ve sold quite a few for the company! So be on the look out for these to be in my studio and for sale!! I have been working with the company that makes these wonderful little devices. The other amazing thing we will offer are handmade timeless necklaces that you can have made with either a favorite image from your gallery or one of my personal pieces of work! I can’t wait to show you some examples!!!

To top off what is already looking like a fun and exciting year, I get to travel to Ohio to meet a sweet new baby for a session and I get to travel to Washington for a wedding (No I still do not offer these but these people are special and I photographed the brides Dad and Step mom’s wedding..) !

I’m so excited and can’t wait to meet all the sweet babies, see all the sweet smiles, hear all the sweet sounds of giggles and give you the very best I have to offer.

That man in those pictures may hurt me if he knows I’ve posted these.. That is my husband hard at work making my space a studio. Those hills and clouds were painted by me for my youngest sun when he was just a toddler. Now he is upstairs in a big kid room. Lots of pics were taken before demo began.

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