About the Sessions…

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Studio Newborn Sessions and The Mini Studio Newborn Session..

These sessions are all about the poses! Because of that, we really work completely around baby and baby’s needs. The full newborn studio session is for baby and the immediate family. The session can take up to 4 hours as some poses are a little tricky and require a great deal of patience with your sleepy little one. The Studio mini is just for baby only and can take up to 1-2 hours. You get to choose your favorite three poses (with a couple of extras) for us to try and we will attempt one prop shot. Not all poses are for every baby so sometimes modifications have to be made. With over 8 years as a newborn photographer, 13 years has a healthcare professional who worked closely with pediatric patients and NICU babies, and having had classes on newborn safety and safe positions, I make sure your baby stays safe at all times. Newborn safety is my number one goal throughout theses sessions while trying to capture the best positions. You can rest assured I will get the very best images I can get for you!


Lifestyle Sessions

Lifestyle sessions are beyond beautiful. For these sessions I come to your home and really work to capture those bonding moments between family and baby. There is no real posing during this session as I really do try to keep things as natural as possible. I’ll give you some directions and may set up some pictures but nothing too involved as we do for our Studio Sessions. I like to get there a little earlier then session time to see what areas are best lit as I love using just natural light for these sessions. I try to always go to baby’s nursery and your bedroom but if there is a room that just has amazing light you can count on me going there too! Sometimes lighting doesn’t always work out and I have to bring additional lighting in to help. That’s ok too. These sessions last about 2 hours depending on baby as I still work completely around baby. I do bring some props with me but really try to use things found in your home for your session. If you have a favorite outfit this is definitely the time to use it.


Fresh 48’s

I can not say enough how much I love these sessions. Seeing those first bonding moments between you and your newest addition is just priceless. This session takes place the day after you deliver in your hospital room. I like to arrive to the hospital around 10am and will work around the hospital staff so as to not interfere with your or your baby’s healthcare. Upon arriving I will start to get a few things ready to make the most out of our space. I love starting with your little one in the bassinet. Once I am done with baby’s part I start to include family and siblings. If this plan doesn’t work well (as I know our younger older siblings may need to nap or leave) then we can reverse that order and start with sibling shots first followed by family shots. I try to make it as easy as I can on your newest addition. In the past I have worked for Bella Baby and in the span of 3 years I have met over 1600 new humans! I still can’t believe that number myself! It was through bella that I learned natural light photography and lifestyle photography and fell head over heels in love. We quickly forget all these first moments and all the details. Let me capture those for you.


Family Sessions..

Family sessions are sweet and beautiful. I really try to bring the best out of your entire family and capture each ones uniqueness. I give some directions and set up some poses but mainly let your personalities show.. meaning.. you’re gonna see a goofy silly side or be given directions that will leave you giggling. Since my studio space is a little on the small side, family sessions are done on location only and are for five family members. Don’t worry! If you have more then five members in your family we can do that too! There is an additional fee for each person over five. I love starting these sessions about thirty minutes prior to sunset. These times really depend on what time of the year it is. The reason for this? The light.. I am a light junkie and love the soft light this time of day provides. If we need to work around your schedule we absolutely can though! I have several locations for you to choose from which we will talk about once we start the booking process.


Portrait Sessions and Milestone Sessions…

Portrait sessions and milestone sessions (starting at 3 months) are a perfect way to watch your little one grow! We can do these either in studio or on location. Portrait sessions can be just for your little one or for your little one and their siblings. I try to keep these sessions just children and babies but have been known to step out of the box every now and so don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know what you had in mind! These sessions can last an hour to an hour and a half. I really try not to go too far past those times as every little has a time limit where they are just done. Studio sessions can be scheduled as early as 10am and on location sessions will depend on the time of year as again I really love those sunset hours. I provide some props but really love to keep things simple so the focus is just on your little one. If you have something from home you just love and would like to bring then please bring it. I may ask to see pictures of outfits and props you may be bringing so I can better plan your set up for your session.


First Birthday Sessions..

Oh man are these a blast!! We offer two types of first birthday sessions! There is a full session where you can have up to 3 outfit changes. We start either on location or in studio. With either one we always end with a cake smash in studio! I provide cake, balloons, and 1st birthday banner for both session types. I love getting to plan these and watch your baby play! The second session we offer is just a cake smash! We do one outfit (his or her birthday outfit) and then we get to cake smashing! The full session can last up to two hours depending on your little one and the half session can last about an hour or

less. Each one ends with a bath in my very clean kitchen sink! I provide towels and baby soap as we are gonna get pretty messy. What if your little one doesn’t wanna dive in? That’s ok too. Some babies just don’t like to get dirty. We will still have a lot of fun and get some super cute pictures of your sweet baby showing there personality!


Maternity Sessions..

These are the sessions I wish I did more of.. They are perfect in every way to capture the changes your body goes through to grow a human. You are amazingly beautiful during this time even if you don’t feel it. I love being able to show you how pretty you are! These can be done in your home as a lifestyle session, on location or (for an additional fee) in studio. Times will very depending on which style of session you choose. This session can be just for you or for the whole family. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate your growing family. Session times very depending on the session style you choose and if you decide to have hair and make up done. I do have a few choices in gowns you can wear and hope to expand our wardrobe this year.